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i-Hub is a leading provider of digital signage in Australia.

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Digital Signage

I-hub digital signage solutions operate using simple plug and play technology.
Low power consumption and live activity reporting.
There are all screen sizes & outdoor screen available in i-Hub digital signage solution

QSign Digital Signage Software

The QSign digital signage is our proprietary software which allows user to Design, Schedule, Broadcast, Control & Monitor of campaign. The product is an inexpensive, install & use application which does not need any subscription or licensing fee.

The QSign system features:

  • Dividing screen into various layout template
  • Preview function (full screen)
  • Daily/weekly/monthly schedule
  • Sending schedule promptly & pre-engage sending system
  • Sending content individually to each client and/or to group
  • Plug & play function using USB memory
  • Urgent caption & sending of event schedule
  • Support various video & image format, document, TV, URL, Live Streaming & RSS
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